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Jezebel Thundercunts┬« ­čĹ┐

Originally published February 28th 2024 via newsletter.

Jezebel Wife Goes for the Jugular

Buckle your seatbelts, this ride is about to get wild.

Hey man

In recent weeks there’s been a string of high profile Z-list celebrity divorces in the manosphere and YouTubeosphere. I’m going to comment on two of them, and today’s will be particularly harsh.

Amber Sears, wife of YouTuber JP Sears – who has over 6 million fans on YouTube and Facebook alone – decided to publicly announce she was divorce raping her husband this week.

She didn’t announce it in those terms of course. It was written on her Instagram in a much more plastic, snooty, cunty cunt kind of way. This was done both to publicly castrate him, as well as cover her ass and get the simpathy pouring in from her little simp army of beta males.

Now if you think I’m just going to throw his wife under the bus and not him too, buddy, you got another thing coming today.

I interviewed JP Sears on The Red Man Group here in 2021. Because of that, when I saw this, I wasn’t going to comment. This is a young family breaking up with a 3 year old kid, that’s legit sad.

Then I started digging in to Amber’s Instagram, which has already been annoying to me for a while when it pops up. Lots of flaming feminist garbage. The more I looked, the more I was like damn, I need to roast this bitch.

But then, I started looking into JP’s Instagram, just to double check that I got my sights lined up straight on the right target.

And that’s when I got mad.

But first, let’s roast this Jezebel Thunderkoont wife whore. Then we’ll get to JP.

Where do we begin? There is A LOT of subject matter to cover. This jezebel is an absolute mess.

Let’s start here: this chick looks like the Crypt Keeper. 

We’re talkin 1940s camp Jew skinny.

And in place of tits that you need to feed your kid, we find mosquito bites.

On the Skeletor front, I looked into why she looks so unhealthy, and surprise, she’s been vegan for like 15 years. 

She was even vegan while pregnant (aka child abuse).

Veganism is one of the unhealthiest diets imaginable, and it’s a diet exclusively for retarded faggots and extra crazy thunder cunts.

Name one vegan chick you’ve met who wasn’t a complete Looney Tune. 

I’ll wait.

It actually gets better. This jezebel is a health coach. So you too can pay for the privilege of learning how to fuck your health up and ending up infertile like this dumb bitch. More on that in a second.

Right now you’re probably wondering why she has these weird bags of blood and pus on her chest.

Well that’s because she’s mentally ill. Similar to the trannies, Bozo the boss queen here went bonkers about 2 years ago and decided to chop her own tits off.

The timing of that is not a coincidence. 

Her excuse was “breast implant illness” which is not a real disease unless you have an extremely rare allergy to silicone.

Spoiler alert: 99% of the crazy jezebels claiming they have BII do not have a silicone allergy.

“Breast implant illness” is just a fictional euphemism for mentally ill women with high anxiety and a lot of shitty ideas they get from their drug riddled friends. 

Much the same way these lazy millennial cunts have a million excuses for not breast feeding their babies – it’s all bullshit. They just don’t give a fuck and can’t be bothered. They have to charge their iPhone you know.

In her Instagram posts about this stuff she actually talks a lot about her raging anxiety, which I have no doubt is real. I would also have a shit ton of anxiety being that crazy 24/7. 

Crawling out of your skin anxiety when you’re that nuts.

Like the trannies, rather than deal with their slow motion psychosis, they externalize the issues and start chopping body parts off. 

Women in general are deathly allergic to responsibility. Off loading accountability to fake diseases and body parts (10 victim points plz) is much easier. 

This is basically a really advanced form of cutting done under the guise of medicine and imaginary physical problems.

There’s more though. 

Chopping her tits off was a masculinizing act, similar to a woman chopping her hair off. It was meant to symbolize her increasing dominance over her husband as she prepared to legally and financially peg him.

When it comes to divorce, women operate years in advance. What you’re seeing now is the end stage of long and careful planning. She’s gonna be ridin high that sweet child support and alimony for years to come while she fucks the pool boy before going full carpet muncher.

Chopping the tits off was also intended as an insult to JP, to make her look more like a Holocaust victim, and deny him any physical pleasure.

I will say that I’m not anti-fake tits. I am very much pro fake tits, but with some caveats. Everything fake is bad, except tits, and sometimes lips. 

Women are like cars, sometimes you gotta throw on a new set of tires or headlights you know? Upgrade time.

First those appear to be silicone implants and not saline filled. I think silicone filled implants are dangerous and stupid. If one pops in you, you will be in for a badddd fucking day.

Saline filled are a lot safer and more fun anyway. It’s basically salt water, so if it breaks someday, not the end of the world.

Second, Amber looks fucking old. 40 going on 50. Part of that is the retard vegan diet destroying her body. 

Vegan bullshit aside, I’m betting those tits were installed before JP and her even met. Which means another man paid for them before using them, or, she got them herself, which means she’s a crazy boss kween super slut.

I’m gonna go with the latter. 

Fortunately we don’t have to guess much, her website “Epic Narcissist'” explains it all perfectly.

Oh ya, I bet Captain Thundercunt did a whole lot of romping around Planet Thundercock guzzling down other men’s sperm.

In other words this chick is a legit jezebel demon. Even if JP bought the implants, that’s an even bigger fuck you to him personally.

Fake tits actually represent what’s known as a “supernormal stimulus”. To your brain, they are like finding jelly donuts and a 5 gallon jug of water in the middle of the desert.

Consequently, they represent always on, permanent sexuality. 8 legged jezebels like Amber Sears use them to collect attention and souls on the open market due to, usually, severe unresolved trauma.

Daddy didn’t love her, therefore use boobs to get attention and dick to fill the hole in her soul.

It never works of course, they just spiral to the cat kingdom on cheap BOGO wine, and if they have a kid, starting pumping them full of tranny hormones.

Fake tits really are only appropriate in a permanent relationship or marriage. You get one shot, otherwise its a miserable life for you.

Now if you want to understand just how much of an attention whore this dino-jezebel is she posted this while married.

Can you imagine Michael Foster’s wife posting a pic like this? 

Or Elliott Hulse’s wife?

Or you know, my own baby mamma?

I sure as shit can’t. And if I did see those wives post anything even remotely like this on the internet, I would text them immediately, because the end is near.

Brace for impact bro, you’re about to get pegged in divorce court.

If you peruse through Amber’s Instagram you’ll find an endless treasure trove of other insane feminist garbage about “finding her empowered self” and other repetitive wompowerment trash.

Most of her social media is just one big dumpster fire of feminism.

Notably, psychologist and author Dr. Shawn T. Smith regularly advises men to AVOID dating or marrying feminists. This kind of shit is exactly why. They are all bat shit crazy.

Speaking of psychologists, rather than actually deal with any of her mental health problems, several of her Instagram posts brag about spending OVER $80,000 (of JP’s money) on “relationship coaching” and “health coaching” and other fake California quack job vegan shit.

Guarantee you every single one of these fucks was a die hard commie pig feminist cunt.

Real therapy from top G alpha males like Dr. Shawn Smith, Dr. Robert Glover, and Ken Curry LMFT is actually worth a damn.

All this hippie dippie feminist woke shit? You might as well dump Clorox directly onto your brain. 

I could keep ragging on the feminist sloot crap, but I would rather focus on something much more personal.

If you actually read her post about the divorce and them becoming “co-parents” – haha gayyyyyyyy – you can spot all the fake fucking garbage a mile away.

To quote

“Personal Update: @awakenwithjp and I separated the day after Christmas, and after a month of separation, have decided to file for divorce. This has not been an easy decision for our family, but it is the right choice for us at this time.”

Alpha male translation: over 70% of divorces are filed by women. This was not a mutual decision, but her preparing to financially butt fuck him. The public emasculation is just icing on the cake. Trying to make it “our” decision is the cover, the lie, the misdirection.

It was all her idea, and she’s too much of a vindictive cunt and coward to say it openly.

To be clear, she’s calling the shots, and has been for years. You don’t go from alpha male patriarchy to this shit in a night. 

She wears the pants, and she wants you to know it, without having to outright say it. She’s had his balls in her purse for years dragging him to “relationship coaching” and other retarded nonsense.

Which in the end, balls in her purse, is not surprising. 

We’ll get there.

In short though, JP is a beta male slave, and that’s part of why he ended up here. She’s a psycho control freak, always was, and this control is part of how she sooths her raging jezebel whoredom and insecurity.

She’ll be this shitty and retarded the rest of her life, and do her best to fuck their kid up along the way. Out of spite against JP, if nothing else.

Particularly since the kid is a boy, he represents JP more than her, and she’ll take that rage out on the kid. Women like this have a genocidal vengeance against all beta males, and especially ones they made the mistake of breeding.

This geriatric jezebel had to do IVF of course. Partly due to her dusty, powdered eggs, but mostly due to being a retarded vegan. Veganism is probably the fastest road to birth defects, JP is lucky the kid isn’t retarded.

But here is what really fucking pisses me off. 

In the main divorce post, she reveals they “separated” the day after Christmas.

And here is their family Christmas pic posted December 23rd.

It’s all fake smiles and fake bullshit. That smile is faker and more plastic than her shitty dino tits were.

I’m so sick of these fake mother fuckers posting this fake bullshit.

This family blew up ~48 hours after that picture was posted. It’s all staged, all fake, all gay.

Imagine being that kid 10 years from now, realizing what a fake fucking cunt your mother was in these family photos.

All for appearances. All to live through the eyes of other people, nothing real, nothing authentic.

No love, no warmth, just fake plastic bullshit to please meaningless people on the internet you don’t even know.

Lots of people will accuse her of being “selfish”. I disagree completely. There is nothing selfish about this woman.

Her behavior is purely self-destructive and irrational. Her life and her kid’s life will do nothing but get worse from this.

She SHOULD have been home serving her husband, taking care of her fucking kid. Instead she was the international boss queen super sloot “business coach” and “health coach”.


Thundercoont doesn’t think that now of course. She has it all planned out. While some of that will go her way in the short term, in the end, she’s fucked.

And that was always her destiny. Jezebels like this have rotten souls. Doomed to a life of misery, anxiety, and depression. While I feel bad for the kid, I’m glad about that otherwise. Fuck this bitch.

At this old age, there’s no turning around for her. Wait till she hits 50, shit will really start to spiral.

By 60 she’ll look 80. 

And then comes the cancer from veganism. If not sooner.

Now, why is JP a fake fraudulent faggot you ask?

I had heard comment rumors before that JP was a sell out simp for Black Rifle Coffee after they were exposed for going woke after YEARS of pandering to conservative beta males.

Didn’t look into this much before, but it was concerning. Black Rifle Coffee is undeniably a den of spineless beta male cucks.

Selling their shit after that became obvious, eh, pretty gay. But not the end of the world stuff.

And then I found this gem from 3 weeks ago.

This is JP posing unironically with “The Liver King”.

You didn’t forget about Juice Boys now did you?

In case you missed it, The Liar King is one of the most notorious internet frauds in recent history.

He spent YEARS claiming to be “all natural”. Then it was exposed he was spending over $11,000 a month injecting a huge cocktail of shit into his ass like a homosexual.

The Liar King spent years preying on young men with false promises and fake information.

He raked in millions scamming young men, before being sued for $25M after being exposed as a fraudulent cock sucking faggot.

JP is certainly on some form of homosexual TRT. I won’t be surprised if he claims to be natural and gets exposed on this later.

They all fucking lie.

Which is why I’m glad JP is getting butt fucked by his wife now. They are both fake as fuck. 

They deserve each other.

Every relationship is co-created. JP earned this pegging. Rolling with the liar king is inexcusable.

Beta male slaves like JP sell their souls for money. They’ll endorse any crock of shit for a dollar.

All the while pretending to be “pro-freedom” and pro-America and pander to conservatives.

It’s all a lie. Pandering and marketing to naive but trustworthy people, to steal their money.

The good news is people like the Liar King and JP live shit, truly miserable lives. They cry themselves to sleep at night, before the prostate cancer hits from all the steroids and decades of lying to themselves.

They end up divorced, broke, depressed, and worse. 

Their lives are meaningless. Spent doing meaningless work, selling bullshit they don’t believe in, only to lose whatever they stole, and die with nothing.

No integrity. No soul. A rotten soul sold one piece at a time.

It’s all so fucking pathetic. The world would be a better place if Liver King dropped dead of a heart attack tomorrow.

Because these are the same mother fuckers who will stand up and tell you how fake the world is, how bad things are, do the work, bla bla bla.

It’s all a scam, and you’re the prey.

Now faggots will say

“But Anthony why do you have to be so mean”

Because this country is drowning in beta male effeminate faggots who are too fucking nice.

Oh boo hoo. Anthony says bad words. Anthony you’re so immature.

Cry me a fucking river faggot.

It’s people like Amber Sears, JP Sears, and the Lyin King that are destroying this country. 

Fake people doing fake useless bullshit.

The only one I feel bad for is the kid. Rest of them can get fucked.

So if you think JP is going to get “red pilled” now by his divorce, you’ve completely missed the point.

You are the blue pilled beta if you think that. The red pill is that both him and his wife have been fake as fuck for years, probably their entire life to varying degrees.

And that fake fraudulent nonsense just got worse overtime, like a cancer in their souls, like feminism itself.

Now I will laugh with my beautiful, hot, young, very young, snow white baby mamma with big milk jugs who I will continue to breed and who will not blow my life up into a million pieces.

Because unlike these fake fraudulent fucking cock suckers, I’m the real deal.

Download my free book now and I’ll teach you how to stop being a beta faggot and start being an apex alpha male.

Anthony Dream Johnson

1st President of the Manosphere

Patriarch, Objectivist, Apex Alpha Male


The first thing I’m doing after sending this newsletter is texting it directly to JP’s cell phone. It’s wrong to kick a man while he’s down of course, but absolutely right to kick a fraud while he’s down. Double kick to be sure.

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